Spiders and Scorpians commonly found in Victoria

Spiders and Scorpians commonly found in Victoria
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160 pages, 133 colour photographs, 48 b/w illustrations, 21cm x 14.8cm, soft cover

Spiders and Scorpians commonly found in Victoria is a fully revised version of the Royal Society of Victoria's popular guide to the State's spider poplulation first published in 1992.

Alan Yen was invited to add a totally new sction on the nine local species of scorpians to complement a revision by Ken Walker and Graham Milledge of the original text. Savina Hopkins has prepared many new and clear spider and scorpian line drawings to assist the reader to identify the species shown in the book.

The notes on habitats, the biology and the venoms of the species described make this an essential companion to all who live in or travel around Victoria.

Common and scientific names are given together with a detailed contents list and index to make for quick identification of our spiders and scorpians whenever you meet them. The lavish use of colour photographs enhances a text that has been written for non-specialist readers.
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Spiders and Scorpians commonly found in Victoria
Walker, K. L. , Yen, A. L. , Milledge, G. A.

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