Insect Collecting & Mounting Starter Kit No.1

Insect Collecting & Mounting Starter Kit No.1
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These kits contains quality equipment that would be useful or anyone requiring the basics to start or to re-continue observing, collecting, preparing and storing insect specimens.

This kit supersedes our earlier insect kits and is priced approximately 10% lower than if all the items involved were to be purchased individually.

The ESK601 starter kit includes :
  • 1 x E24 aluminium collapsible handle: collapsed length 73cm; extended 119cm
  • 1 x E31 aluminium 380mm hoop
  • 1 x E40A 380mm white bag, mesh size 0.9mm x 0.3mm

      To assemble:
    1. Thread the bag onto the hoop
    2. Insert the two parallel sections of the hoop into the handle
    3. Insert the bolt with wing nut through both the handle and hoop - Tighten up with the other wing nut. There should be a wing nut on both sides of the handle.
  • 1 x E279 Hand Magnifier 2X & 4X, 75mm diameter
  • 1 x E278C Measuring Magnifier Viewer
    • Clear round plastic jar (75mm diameter) with magnifying lid with air holes gives a close up view of insects.
    • Grid lines on base of viewer.
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  • 1 x E122 Forcep - Feather Light
    • Very light & thin forceps. Used for handling delicate material such as mosquito larvae, insect genitalia etc., without cutting or crushing.
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  • 1 x E112 Forcep - Entomological
  • 1 x E101 Setting Board - 22mm high x 320mm long x 101mm wide, 8mm groove
    • For setting out the wings of insects into the desired position.
    • The pinning strip is balsa and the pinning base beneath the centre groove has a strip of polyethylene foam.
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  • 1 x E110 or E111 (subject to availability) Larvae collecting tin - 125mm diameter x 40mm high
  • 6 x Plastic Specimen Tubes
  • 50 x E 7MS Glassine Envelopes – 106mm x 62mm
    • Size of envelopes are 106mm x 62mm
    • Packet of 50 envelopes
    • Used to store various insects including butterflies and moths
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  • 1 x E998 Cardboard Storage Box approx 25.5cm x 30cm x 6cm
    • A sturdy economical box for student collections. Made from heavy brown coloured cardboard, it is lined on the bottom with white polyethylene foam ready for use.

      E998 Cardboard Student Box has both the E555 Fumicel and the E197 Sheet of 30 Identification Labels.

      Measurements: 370mm x 265mm x 45mm.
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Please note: Should we be out of stock of any of the above products, we reserve the right to replace the item with what is deemed to be a suitable substitute.

If finances permit, we strongly recommend you also adding the following excellent publication to your purchase. This book will answer the majority of questions which may arise, and should be on the shelf of all entomologists, both professional and amateur.
  • BU1AE - Book: Methods for collecting, preserving & studying insects and allied forms
  • BVID001 - Video: The Secret Life of Australia’s Butterflies DVD - Look, Listen & Learn - Australian Lifecycle Series - 2015
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