Help Desk - What web browsers are supported?

The site has been optimised for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It can be downloaded from here.

The results from our testing with various web browsers and on various platforms are shown below. Please note that these results may vary. We recommend Firefox for many reasons, but mainly as this browser is available for most platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix), is web standards compliant and is free to download. Thus it is most likely that our site (and many others) should render correctly regardless of what operating system you are using.

  • FireFox 1.0.7+
    Site renders fine with Firefox on Windows platform and Linux. Not tested on Mac. Click here to download.

  • Internet Explorer 6.0+
    The site has been tested with Internet Explorer on Windows XP/2000. There are however known bugs with Internet Explorer on MAC. These bugs can manifest themselves by preventing you from accessing the SSL secure area of our site (and others - ie. login page, and consequently placing an order). As Internet Explorer is no longer supported on MAC, it is strongly suggested that you upgrade to a more recent browser like Firefox to avoid any possible problems and security vulnerabilities.

  • Netscape 8.0.4+
    Tested OK on Windows. Must have latest version. Click here to download.

  • Konqueror 3.4.1+
    Tested OK on Linux. Click here to download.

  • Opera 8.5+
    Renders adequately on Windows and Linux, although some elements are not in correct position. Click here to download.

  • Safari
    Unknown on Mac

To determine what version of browser you are using, click Help -> About (Firefox/Opera/Internet Explorer/Netscape/etc). If you find that you are using a version lower than those shown above, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a current version.

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