Help Desk - What are cookies? Why can't I add items to the shopping cart?

Our site uses cookies in order to establish a session with your computer.

Cookies I hear you say...they sound tastee. Indeed they are. Our cookies are special chocalate coated cookies. We like them so much we want to give one to your computer, for free!! Thats just how we roll.

A computer cookie is a small text file which our web server asks your web browser to place on your computer. In order for our site to function correctly cookies MUST be enabled in your web browser and any anti-virus/spamware software on your machine must be configured to allow cookies to be set by your browser.

This cookie is in no way harmful to your computer nor does it contain any personal information about you.


The cookie only contains a unique session identifier, an alpha-numeric code which looks something like

It is used by our server in order to identify your computer from all of the other hundreds of thousands of millions of computers which visit our site everyday. After the cookie is set it allows you to, amoung other things, add products to the shopping cart, as our server can now remember the contents of your unique shopping cart, which is identified by your unique session identifier.

  • Cookies placed on your computer from our site are SAFE. SAFE AS BANKS. SAFE AS HOUSES. SAFE AS SAFES.

  • Cookies placed on your computer only allow us to identify your machine from the hundreds of thousands of millions of others visiting our site everyday in order to provide you with services such as shopping cart convenience.

  • If you choose not to allow cookies then you can still use our site to view products and check prices, but you will not be able to place items in the shopping cart or order online. Alternative ordering methods are available (phone, fax, email)

  • You can view all of the Cookies placed on your computer by going to the privacy section of your web browser and clicking the button which says something like 'Show All Cookies'. Then just look for the cookie, and look at the key variable, which holds your unique session identifier.

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